Could you become a victim of account, telephone, or mail fraud? 

Signs that you have been targeted:

  • Have you been approached by someone to wire funds to pay for fees or taxes in order to win a lottery?
  • Have you been asked to wire funds to someone who hired you to process checks for them?
  • Are you receiving unsolicited credit cards?
  • Are you missing bills that typically arrive on time?
  • Are you receiving phone calls from collection agencies for debt you did not incur?

Fraud occurs when the victim is misled with the promise of goods, services, or benefits that are either nonexistent, unnecessary, never intended to be furnished, or grossly misrepresented.

Avoid Becoming a Victim of Fraud

  • Never give personal or banking information over the phone unless you are expecting the call and you are familiar with the caller.
  • Never use your bank accounts to clear checks or wire funds for strangers.
  • Check your bank statement(s) regularly.
  • Have your income direct deposited at your bank, if possible.

Don't be a victim. Remember if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.