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P2P (Person to Person) Payments—NEW FEATURE!

Whether you’re paying a friend back for picking up groceries or sending money to your child in college, we’ve made sending person to person (P2P) payments simple, secure, and instant with our Social Payments Instant Network.

  • No waiting, no extra steps, and no fee
  • Real-time payment system. No delay in receiving.
  • Send money directly to your friends’ and family’s debit cards
  • P2P works within our mobile and digital banking portals, so there is no need to provide sensitive bank information to third-party providers.
  • Your recipient will receive a text or email notification to enter their debit card information the first time you send money to them. After that, all future payments are transferred without any interaction from the recipient.

A note about safety: Because they are instant, P2P transactions cannot be edited, canceled, or returned after they are sent. Please make sure to send money only to other people you trust. Ask yourself: “If I made a mistake sending money, can I get that money back?” For example, do not send money using P2P to an unknown recipient for online purchases until you actually receive your item.

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