Who we are

At Harmony Bank our mission is to serve our communities by nurturing real connections and delivering unsurpassed banking solutions.  As our team works daily to fulfill that mission, our primary goal is to help our customers, and by extension our communities, to achieve their goals and accomplish their vision.  We do this by listening to the needs and desires of those we serve and then we work alongside our customers and community leaders in a cooperative relationship to meet those needs and accomplish those goals.  We value our customers and understand that their success is our success.


Our History

While our name has changed, we remain very proud of our long history and financial strength.  Our story began in 1901 as a group of local farmers, ranchers, and business men decided to provide much-needed financial services to the community of Kemp, Texas by forming The First National Bank of Kemp.  Through wars, depression, recessions, and plenty of good times, First National Bank was right here, serving and growing with the community. Beginning in the 1920s with Fred Creecy, the bank embarked on three generations during which the Creecy family were the majority owners and operators of the bank. In July of 2015, the bank entered a new era as it was purchased by the Carona family of Dallas.   Over the next few years the bank’s growth and success expanded further and an opportunity was presented to partner with a very similar banking institution that had served its communities since 1928.  In July of 2022, the acquisition of The First State Bank of Rice was completed with First State Bank being merged into First National Bank increasing our total assets to over $350 million.  Along with the merger came the opportunity to consider a new name for the bank and Harmony Bank became a reality.  We look back on our past with pride but our eye is set squarely on the future for Harmony Bank and the communities we serve.   Together that future is brighter than ever.


Our Name

Why Harmony Bank?  As we expanded beyond the immediate Kemp area with the First State Bank acquisition it was decided that a new name without the geographic tie to Kemp was appropriate.  We sincerely wanted a name that was not only unique but described how we desire to operate and interact with our customers and communities.  Being in harmony by necessity requires at least two parts and is characterized by agreement, accord, and cooperation between the parts.  Working together was a big consideration as we merged the two banks and the idea of creating true harmony in the combined organization became a goal of our management team.  We realized that harmony has always been our goal in all our relationships.   We know we can play a part in our communities to create better outcomes for those who live and work here.  Our desire is to play a complementary part that is in harmony with the vision set by our customers and thereby help them achieve the goals they have for their households and businesses.  Your success is our success and it is accomplished together.  At Harmony Bank we truly believe that Better Happens Together.